Worn headlights? They can be refurbished to enhance the lighting effect.

Repair grinding and waxing of driving lights starting from 79 € depending on the situation.

                  Before treatment                       After treatment


Through me you can order new and used parts for motorcycles that can be difficult to find.

Winter surprises you again, are you ready?

Winter tires must be worn from December to the end of February. Studded winter tires may be used 1.11. - 31.3.

Are your winter tires in order, now is the time to order new ones.

Brands i have are , for example. Hankook, Laufenn and Kapsen tires. Other brands available also, please inquire.

Seasonal tire changes 25 €

Tire work when buying tires (4pcs) kits, SUVs from 95 €


 Winter tires can be either studded or studless. The tread depth of the passenger car and van tires must be at least 3 mm deep during the mandatory winter tire life.The winter tire is labeled M + S, M.S or M&S (the letters M and S come from Mud and Snow).

In snowy and slushy conditions, tread grip and rubber friction are the main factors influencing tire grip. On wet, smooth ice, tire grip is at its worst. In this case, the grip of the tire is improved by studs or other non-slip barriers (for example, chains). When using studded studded tires in a passenger car or van, the studs should be on all wheels and the difference in the number of studs between the two wheels should not be more than 25%.


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